Search Pennsylvania Contracts

The Pennsylvania Treasury contract database makes government contract
information available to the public, free of charge.

Pennsylvania’s Right to Know Law (RTKL) directs Treasury to make contracts
available for public inspection by posting it on a publicly accessible

Under the  RTKL, all Commonwealth agencies, legislative agencies and
judicial agencies must file with Treasury any contract involving any real,
personal or mixed property of any kind or description, and any contract for
personal services where the consideration involved in the contract is
$5,000 or greater. It is important to note, however, that RTK specifically
exempts contracts for services that are protected by a privilege, such as
the attorney-client privilege, from the requirement to be filed with

Pennsylvania agencies must file contracts meeting the statutory description
no later than ten days after the contract is fully executed.  Additionally,
agencies must file a summary with Treasury along with each contract they

There  are  approximately 30 exceptions to the law. These include contracts
for services that are protected by a privilege, such as the attorney-client
privilege.  Agencies  submitting contracts are specifically responsible for
the  accuracy  and  completeness  of  the  contracts  that  they  file with
Treasury.   Beyond specific exemptions, the RTKL also recognizes that other
state  and  federal  laws,  as well as regulations and court decisions, may
make  certain  kinds  of  information  not  subject to disclosure as public
records.   The  law  requires  agencies  to  redact  contracts,  or  remove
sensitive  or  non-public  information,  in  accordance  with the exemption
provisions, prior to submitting them to Treasury.

You can obtain copies of contracts simply by using “print” function of your
web browser. Alternatively, you may request paper copies from the agencies
that executed the contracts in accordance with the provisions of RTKL.