2023 Carlisle Ford Nationals Highlights the Lightning, SVT, Saleen, Coyotes, and More

June 2-4, 2023 at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds welcomes back Ford lovers from around the world and this time will highlight the SVT Cobra, Coyote powerplants, the Ford Lightning, an SVT Reunion, the Malaise Era, and a 40th Anniversary of Saleen.  These displays will be positioned in various spots, including Building T, Building R, and under tents on the NPD Showfield.

  • The Snake Comes Out of Hiding in 2023
    • Launched by Ford’s Special Vehicle team for the 1993 Model Year, the SVT Cobra was designed to showcase SVT’s hallmarks of performance, substance, exclusivity, and value.  Whether you are talking about the original Fox-based Cobra and Cobra R, the SN-95 Cobras, or the New Edge Cobras, these are some of the most sought-after late-model Mustangs.  The 2023 display includes many of the aforementioned rides, plus special guests, and even an on-grounds parade Friday, June 2.
  • Hear the Howl with the Coyote Den
    • The Coyote Den is coming to Carlisle and will feature vehicles not only equipped originally with Coyote powerplants but also the ever-popular Coyote swaps.  The display also comes to life Friday and Saturday with a rev, or howl if you will, from the participants as well as those on the NPD Showfield that are also Coyote based.
  • Lightning Strikes in June
    • Sunny and 75 – that’s the weather for June 2-4, or so we hope.  So, when we say lightning strikes, we mean it as a way to best describe the Ford Lightning’s 30-year anniversary celebration.  The display includes the ever-collectible and popular first-generation OBS SVT Lightning, the Flaresided second generation, and the new all-electric Ford Lightnings.  In 1993, SVT started it all when it delivered a performance truck to its enthusiasts.  Some of the originals from ’93 will be at Carlisle and the display tent will also welcome a few examples of each generation thereafter.  There’s even a planned parade on June 2 too.
  • But Wait…There are More SVT Honors Planned
    • Ford’s SVT group has produced more than seven different SVT branded rides before its absorption into Ford Performance.  SVTs include the Lightning of course, but there’s a Cobra, Shelby GT500, Focus, Contour, GT, and Raptor just to name a few.  The other rides in this display will join the Lightning for a parade on Friday.  If you have an SVT but aren’t in the display itself, you’re welcome to join in!
  • 40th Anniversary of the Saleen
    • In 1983 Steve Saleen debuted his namesake brand of performance products.  Fast forward 40 years and the products and the man himself are still going strong.  2023 hosts a 40th Anniversary display of the Saleen and aims to include a nice gallery of performance cars and their parts too.  The anniversary also includes seminars, parades, and more.
  • The Malaise Era
    • The “malaise era” refers to the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s and encompassed some of Ford’s often forgotten vehicles.  Building R (near Gate 2) will feature these Fords.  While the “malaise era” encompasses a lot of vehicles, we’re hoping to showcase a gallery of odd, off-the-wall stuff many of us have forgotten about.