91% of Americans make New Year’s Resolution tied to Fitness, Health and Wellness

In reflecting on 2020, Planet Fitness set out to understand how Americans feel about New Year’s resolutions and which ones are most top-of-mind moving forward. Planet Fitness commissioned a national study*, which identified that more than four in five (84 percent) of those surveyed plan to make at least one resolution in 2021, with fitness and overall health and wellness being key priorities. Additional survey insights include:

  • Fitness is Essential. Nine in 10 (91 percent) Americans with a resolution in mind are setting one specific to fitness in the New Year. Among those doing so say it’s because they want to be healthier (72 percent), feel better about themselves (61 percent), reduce stress (54 percent), look better (53 percent) or make positive changes in their lives (53 percent).
  • Balanced Approach to Exercise. More than half (54 percent) of those with a health and wellness resolution would like to stick with a fitness routine, even if it’s just exercising a few minutes a day to help improve their health and wellness.
  • Addressing the Mental and Physical. One in two (50 percent) of those with a health and wellness resolution are making one specifically about balancing their physical and mental health needs.
  • Putting the Past Behind Us. As the proud partner of “Good Riddance Day” in New York City’s Times Square this year, organized by The Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment, Planet Fitness also asked what people wanted to say “good riddance” to in 2020. The majority (88 percent) of Americans have at least one thing on their list. Among them, nearly two in three (65 percent) want to say goodbye to political or election-related conversations, 62 percent are eager to forget about the toilet paper crisis of 2020 and 41 percent of parents want to say “good riddance” to remote schooling.
  • Maintaining Optimism. There was some good that came out of 2020, and 89 percent of Americans have at least one thing from this year that they want to hang onto heading into 2021. Among them, nearly two in three (63 percent) want to continue to cherish the little things and not take life for granted. And among those planning to make a resolution, more than two in five (44 percent) are making one because they need something that will bring them happiness.
  • Keeping it in Perspective. More than half (51 percent) of those planning to make a resolution are determined to not be so hard on themselves in 2021, giving them leeway and permission to get through these tough times without judgment.

“Motivation is one of the biggest obstacles to fitness and after such a difficult year, it’s more important than ever to break free from 2020 and start 2021 with hope and optimism. We encourage everyone to get moving and experience all the physical and mental benefits that exercise offers,” said Jeremy Tucker, chief marketing officer at Planet Fitness. “Planet Fitness will continue to provide a safe and Judgement Free environment for our members to support them on their fitness journeys and help them achieve their goals. We invite everyone into our spacious fitness facilities to see how committed we are to our members’ well-being in a clean and welcoming environment.”

Planet Fitness is inviting everyone to get moving in 2021 with a special offer to join for $0 enrollment, then $10 a month with no commitment from January 1 – 7. As we get back into our fitness routines in the New Year, Planet Fitness wants everyone to stay active and healthy in a clean, safe and comfortable environment.