AAA Central Penn Launches ‘Batteries for Trees’ Campaign with Goal of Planting 1,000 Trees

In observance of Earth Month, which is celebrated in April to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the planet, AAA Central Penn has launched Batteries for Trees, a campaign to plant 1,000 trees in the Appalachia region which runs through parts of South Central Pennsylvania.

Now through April 30, AAA Central Penn will fund the planting of one new tree for every car battery recycled by its Roadside Assistance service or brought into a AAA Central Penn branch for recycling. AAA Central Penn has branch locations in nine Central Pennsylvania counties including Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Huntingdon, Juniata, Lancaster, Lebanon, Mifflin and Perry counties.

AAA Central Penn’s partner for the campaign is One Tree Planted, a nonprofit dedicated to planting trees to restore nature and biodiversity. One Tree Planted also raises awareness about the importance of trees and motivates younger generations to do something positive for the environment.

“Every tree has a positive impact for nature, wildlife and our communities,” said AAA Central Penn President Jodie Daubert. “We are honored to support reforestation with One Tree Planted as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability. The Appalachia region is one of the most diverse ecological regions in North America, yet much of its forests have been degraded by mining and timber operations. Our Batteries for Trees campaign makes it easy for the community to play a part in helping to reforest the region.”

Home to the namesake Appalachian Trail, more than 150 tree species can be found in the Appalachia region. Unfortunately, an estimated 83 percent of the habitat has been lost due to mining and logging. Environmentally conscious organizations and businesses like AAA Central Penn are stepping up to reforest the region.

Adding to the impact of AAA Central Penn’s Batteries for Trees campaign, car battery recycling also benefits the environment. AAA Central Penn recycles every lead battery it replaces using a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-approved recycling center. At least 80 percent recycled materials are used to create new lead batteries and recycling car batteries keeps millions of them out of landfills annually.