AG Files Lawsuit Against King of Prussia-Based Company Accused of Scamming Vehicle Owners with After-Market Warranties

Attorney General Michelle Henry announced a lawsuit against Concord Auto Protect, Inc., a vehicle service repair contract company that is allegedly scamming vehicle owners with after-market warranties that promise full coverage for vehicle repairs, but in actuality the warranties do not provide full coverage.

The lawsuit alleges that Concord Auto fails to pay for repairs and other expenses required under the company’s contracts. Concord Auto, and its owner/operator, Alon Salman, are also refusing to provide refunds, or field customer calls, when their faulty coverage warranties are exposed, according to the lawsuit.

The Office of Attorney General’s lawsuit seeks restitution for consumers who fell victim to the after-market vehicle warranty scam.

“These consumers were falsely led to believe that, in signing a contract, their vehicle repairs would be covered,” Attorney General Henry said. “Instead, Concord Auto Protect stole that peace of mind and money owed to customers for repairs by denying claims and withholding services. Many consumers who relied on their vehicles to get to work, doctors’ appointments, and grocery stores were left with broken-down vehicles or unpaid repair bills.”

The lawsuit further alleges that Concord Auto dodged consumer phone calls and failed to return messages.

Attorney General Henry urges any consumers who believe they may have been a victim of Concord Auto Protect’s business practices to submit a complaint with the Office of Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. Complaints can be filed online, by phone at 1-800-441-2555, or by email at