Antique Auto Museum in Hershey to Reopen this Weekend

The Antique Auto Museum in Hershey is reopening to the public Saturday, June 27.  The museum was closed and gave visitors a chance to “keep up to speed” with the Museum through Virtual Visits series, online Museum Bookshelf, and digital “Collection Chronicles” series. 

To show appreciation to members, donors, contributors, volunteers, and the community, the AACA is presenting an interim exhibit featuring unique and notable vehicles from the Museum collection.  Among the highlights are “Big Bad Orange” AMX, “Helen”,a 1932 Studebaker, Betty White’s “Parakeet,” and the 1968 Chrysler Imperial featured in “ride” with Museum Curator Stan Sipko.

To show appreciation for those on the frontline during the COVID-19 national emergency, the museum is reopening a “Salute to First Responders and Frontline Workers” exhibit.  The exhibit includes vintage vehicles used to help in times of crisis. 

There are also new precautions in place and here’s what visitors need to know:

  • Capacity guidelines limit the number of people allowed on the premises.
  • Temperature checks will be conducted.
  • Face coverings/masks will be required for admission
  • Guests encouraged to use hand sanitizer, and stations are in place throughout the Museum for visitors, volunteers and staff.
  • Markers are placed throughout exhibition spaces to promote social distancing.
  • Regular sanitization of frequently touched surfaces.
  • Hands-on exhibits, interactive displays, and train room will remain closed.