Auditor General DePasquale Says Immediately Stop Congressional Pay During Federal Government Shutdown

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale today issued the following statement regarding the federal government shutdown now in its fourth day:

“It is shameful that President Trump is so weak that he caved to ultra-conservative pressure by holding American taxpayers hostage to foot the bill for a wall he promised would be paid for by Mexico.

“I am outraged that members of Congress — especially the Freedom Caucus that instigated this stalemate — continue to collect their pay while the federal government shutdown is starting to wreak havoc on our economy.

“Hundreds of thousands of government workers — and countless Americans denied access to national treasures — are paying the price for the stubborn stalemate in D.C. Here in Pennsylvania, tourist attractions such as the Liberty Bell and Flight 93 Memorial are being affected by the shutdown, leaving families with kids off school for Christmas break out of luck.

“Congressional paychecks should be stopped immediately during the shutdown. Members of the Freedom Caucus should lead by example and stop accepting their paychecks until the issue is resolved.

“There is broad consensus that we need strong borders, but strong and smart are not competing values. We need adults in Washington to work in the best interest of all Americans.”