Bedford County Woman Gets up to 12 years in Prison for Helping Burn Body, Tampering with Evidence

A Bedford County woman was sentenced to state prison for her role in helping burn the body of Tyler Matthai after he was killed last year by another man.  25 year old Courtney Boden was sentenced to 2¼ to 12 years in prison.  She previously pleaded guilty to abuse of a corpse, two counts of conspiracy to that abuse, and four counts of tampering with evidence.

“Mr. Matthai was brutally murdered and, to make a horrific situation even worse, his body was burned and moved to prevent investigators from finding the killer,” Attorney General Henry said. “While Ms. Boden did not pull the trigger, she received this significant prison sentence because she played a key role in the attempted cover-up.”

Derek Louk is charged with the killing; his case is pending trial. Boden is the mother of Matthai’s children and his estranged girlfriend.

According to investigators, Boden also attempted to clean blood stains from a vehicle, destroy other evidence, and assist in attempting to sell the murder weapon.

Boden was present during a conflict between Louk and Matthai and saw Louk fatally shoot Matthai.