Bill to Fund Spinal Cord Disability Research Set for Enactment

Legislation sponsored by Senator Mario Scavello (R-40) to fund spinal cord disability research in Pennsylvania has been approved by the House of Representatives and will be sent to the governor for enactment into law. The Senate passed the measure in September.

Senate Bill 31 will create the Spinal Cord Disability Research Grant Program aimed at discovering new and innovative treatments and rehabilitative efforts for spinal cord disabilities. The legislation will invest $1 million into a grant program that awards grants to research institutions for research into spinal cord injuries.

The funding does not use new revenue, but rather existing money dedicated toward health-related research programs.

“People with spinal cord disabilities need our support and one million dollars for research will go a long way in ensuring that these individuals can live a vital life,” Scavello said. “Pennsylvania has led the charge on many medical breakthroughs with our talented research universities and vibrant medical landscape. Now, our Commonwealth will become a leader in finding a breakthrough that will provide boundless opportunities and positive impacts on the lives of people with spinal cord disabilities in Pennsylvania and across the nation.”

Pennsylvania will join a dozen other states, including New Jersey, Ohio, New York, Maryland and Virginia, supporting this effort. Many of these states now represent the cutting edge in spinal cord research and have made extensive breakthroughs in a short period of time, the senator noted.