Back in Black (and Blue)

Sometimes life gets in the way and we need to just slow down. Literally just STOP. To breathe, to rest, to take care – of ourselves mentally and emotionally.

There’s life events and unexpected changes that force us to focus on the most important things in our lives, and for the last several months that has been my family. Oh, and there was that thing called fear (that really isn’t much after we just face it) that got me caught up again and made me lose sight of things, thinking, What will people think? What if it’s been to long to get back into something? What if I’ve failed or not good enough? And then I have to give myself a little smack in the face (or hear my chick Flora’s voice saying “just do it”) to remind myself it’s ALL. IN. YOUR. HEAD.

A lot of times when I used to get overwhelmed with too many things – or even in my mind I’ve got too many things – I caught myself just not doing anything. I shut down. I don’t know where to start – but then I put my big girl pants on and remember that you just have to start somewhere…. or RE-START – and that’s what I’m doing today… dun dun dun dun dududud Back in Black… (and blue).

Let’s MillenniYell through this unforeseen time together!

xoxo Mel