Bob Casey Dangles Potential for a Presidential run in 2020


U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, fresh off winning a third term in office, is floating the idea of running for president, saying he is battle-tested in Pennsylvania, a state that is critical for he and fellow Democrats in 2020.

On Monday, Casey’s campaign bolstered the approach, releasing a memo that makes the case for Casey’s electoral effectiveness in a state that was a crucial stepping stone in President Donald Trump’s path to the White House.

Casey said he won his race on the issues he believes will be most prominent in a presidential campaign — health care and the middle class among them — and he won in a state that is a must-win for Democrats running for president.

“For a Democrat, if you lose Pennsylvania, it’s game over, you can’t win, the math doesn’t work,” he said. “And I want to make sure that our nominee can win this state.”

He’s right: Harry Truman in 1948 was the last Democratic presidential candidate to lose Pennsylvania but win the election, while Republicans can secure the White House without Pennsylvania. Trump didn’t need Pennsylvania to secure the White House but became the first Republican presidential nominee to win it since 1988.