Cannabis Businesses Seek Security as the Market Grows

Cannabis has spread rapidly throughout the recent years and is showing no signs of slowing down. Many countries are in the process of legalizing cannabis for medical or even potentially recreational usage. However, regardless of the segment, the widespread growth is creating many job opportunities.  The market is expected to continually grow due to the impending legalization which is currently ongoing in several countries and increasing demand for both medical and recreational purposes.

Many companies within the cannabis industry are heavily focused on businesses like cultivation, distribution or retail. However, as the industry continues to expand, new requirements and services are being introduced. For example, security has become a rapidly growing sector in the cannabis market. And now that the market is growing quickly, security services are quickly becoming a necessity for businesses.

Many companies are investing in security to monitor or transport cannabis as “Now, there’s a very different mindset among people in the industry compared with those who got into the cannabis industry early – there’s more business acumen, and a desire to get security right the first time,” says Sy Alli, Chief Operating Officer for Olympus Consulting Group, LLC and former Director of Corporate Security for Dixie Brands, Inc. “More business-minded people are getting into this industry, and that makes it easier for security professionals to talk to their management about risk, compliance and continuity.”

‘I am extremely pleased with the progress that we have made in realizing our goal of going public as a means to accelerate our strategic growth plans with enhanced access to capital,’ said Thomas Gerstenecker, chief executive officer and founder of 3 Sixty. ‘We successfully raised capital in October, and we have delivered on our promise to significantly grow our consulting, guard and transport customer base, which includes many of Canada’s leading LPs [licensed producers], and we continue to increase the number of customers served by our consulting service. I look forward to continued execution of our growth agenda by filling what I consider a serious gap in the Canadian and U.S. cannabis security industry as recreational cannabis supply grows and matures in Canada, in the U.S. and globally.’