Capital Blue Cross Announces Tool That Helps Reverse Diabetes

Capital Blue Cross has become the first health insurer in Pennsylvania to offer its members an innovative app that can help reverse Type 2 diabetes.

As part of its expanded approach to help fight diabetes, Capital also announced the availability of an app that helps users better manage diabetes and prevent prediabetes from progressing to Type 2. More than 120 million Americans are either diabetic or prediabetic.

“Diabetes takes a devastating toll on public health, so we’re proud to be the first and only Pennsylvania insurer to offer a way to turn back Type 2 diabetes, as well as help prevent and control other forms of the disease,” said Capital Blue Cross President and CEO Todd Shamash. “These cutting-edge tools go the extra mile to make our members and their communities healthier.”

The Type 2-reversal app uses a personalized, sustainable nutrition plan to help reverse the condition. Employing each user’s distinct data, it crafts individualized diets that shift the body to a state called nutritional ketosis, in which the body primarily burns fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. There is no calorie counting, programs are based on individual eating preferences, participants can eat until they’re full, and they can follow the diets for years.

The diabetes-management app customizes individual data based on user surveys. Users then receive devices – which may include a digital scale, blood glucose meter, and more – to connect to their apps and track their condition.

Both apps are free to Capital Blue Cross members with individual coverage and those with most types of employer coverage. The apps also will be available to Medicare Advantage members starting Jan. 1, 2022.