Capital Blue Cross Donation Helping to Train Difference-Making Service Dogs

Capital Blue Cross staff recently celebrated the health insurer’s contribution to Susquehanna Service Dogs’ new assistance-dog training facility in Grantville.

Capital Blue Cross’ contribution to the recently opened Robin C. Reedy Training Center helped provide a state-of-the-art facility that readies dogs to make a difference for thousands with disabilities, as well as for veterans, schools, hospitals, courthouses and cancer centers.

“We’ve been so proud to support a service-dog program that does so much for so many who need it,” said Capital Blue Cross Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility Susan Hubley. “This is a program that not only helps people meet their physical needs, but also helps them emotionally.”

Run by Keystone Human Services, the Susquehanna Service Dogs program trains, places and follows service dogs to support children and adults affected by quadriplegia, paraplegia, balance disorder, seizure disorder, autism, hearing loss, and anxiety, and more. It also trains them to support veterans with PTSD. Dogs’ temperaments dictate their eventual partnerships, and specialty training areas include:

  •  Mobility assistance dogs
  • Autism service dogs
  • Psychiatric service dogs
  • Seizure response dogs
  • Hearing dogs
  • Facility dogs
  • In-home service dogs
  • Companion dogs

“The depth of what this program does to help people is why we’ve gone the extra mile to support it,” Hubley said. “What these wonderful dogs are trained to do aligns perfectly with our mission to improve the physical and emotional health of the communities we serve.”