Carlisle GM Nationals Speed into Summer with Displays, Cool Cars, and More

Guests of the annual Carlisle GM Nationals automotive event know that the National Parts Depot Showfield is populated with amazing show cars spanning decades of production.  For the 2023 event, June 23-24 at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds, several announced displays turn back the clock to a time when the competition was fierce among automakers.  This summer, the GM Nationals not only honors 40 years of the Pontiac Fiero, but 50 years of the Buick Regal, 120+ Years of Buick, the Malaise Era, and 4th Gen Camaros and Firebirds too.

Building T will be ground zero for these two displays and should include at least a half dozen, if not more of each vehicle.  For the Fiero, guests can enjoy a timeline of sorts showcasing some of the best Fieros dating back to its launch for the 1984 model year.  Designed by George Milidrag and Hulki Aldikacti, over 370,000 Fieros were produced over their five-year run.  In addition to the cars, the Mid-Atlantic Fiero Owners Association hosts a variety of events, including club activities, technical how-to seminars, and more.

For Buick Regal lovers, they too can revisit their vehicle’s glory days.  The alphabet soup of Regal bodies will ALL be honored, including those viewed as luxury vehicles as well as those with a nod to performance.  The Regal was a star on the NASCAR track, on TV, and even in the movies.  For 2023, it’ll also be a star of the GM Nationals.  Much like the Fiero, there will be additional activities, the scope of which will be announced closer to the event.  In addition to the Regal, the GM Nationals will honor the 120+ year history of Buick.  Cars will be positioned within Building T and will aim to include Buicks from different eras of production.

Additional Featured Displays include one focused on 4th Gen Camaros and Firebirds, a 3rd Gen Camaro and Firebirds “show within the show” called the 3rd Gen Nationals, and all-new, a Malaise Era display.  The “malaise era” refers to the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s and included some of GM’s often forgotten vehicles. This year at the GM Nationals, expect a cool display tent on the NPD Showfield that encompasses a lot of vehicles from the era, specifically the odd and off-the-wall stuff; stuff many car lovers have forgotten about.

Each anniversary is a Featured Display and as such, will be vetted by an application process and the event manager.  The portal for applying is open and available by way of and will be accepting submissions through at least May.