Breaking Mormon

Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey is a documentary about the polygamous Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints and how the leader used religion to control members. Some...

1,2,3’s of CBD for People and Pets

Are you tired of taking medications for aches and pains? Many are trying CBD products as an alternative but do you know which to...

A Mother-Daughter Discussion on Roe v. Wade

Since the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade, women have been trying to understand what this means and what could happen. Families and...

Kick Stress to the Curb

The last few years have been beyond stressful and that's not good. Stress can affect you emotionally, mentally, and make you sick. How can...

“Pause” and Take a Gap Year!

Congratulations! You're a college graduate and the expectation is to start your career or continue your education. What's the rush? Is it ok for...

Sail the “C”: Connecting with Cancer

Cancer patients can now connect with others who have the same type, stage and behavioral characteristics. There's a new website where you can navigate...

Investing in Your Child’s Dynamic Future

What parent doesn't want their child to have the best education possible. A well-rounded learning experience is key to "Investing in Your Child's Dynamic...

MillenniYELL – Intentional Growth

Intentional Growth takes time. We are back MillenniYelling about the changes we have made, HUGE life changes, and where we are headed.

MillenniYELL – We are back

Where in the world have Billy and Mel been? Well, you are gonna find out at 2 pm Friday so make sure you tune...

She Swam the English Channel!

She's a real live Super Woman! Jeannie Zappe, 55 years old, is an Open Water Swimmer with an incredible story to share! Chick2Chick chirps...