Charges Filed Against Medical Assistant Accused of Stealing Patient Information for Financial Gain

A medical assistant has been arrested for charges related to stealing patient information for personal use. 34 year old Ashley Latimer of Philadelphia is accused of using information she collected from patient records and licenses to open credit cards, purchase items, and lease apartments.

“This defendant is accused of taking advantage of her position and violating her trust and responsibility as a medical professional,” said AG Shapiro. “We will not, under any circumstance, allow individuals to put patients at risk and compromise our Commonwealth’s health care systems.”

An investigation by the Office of Attorney General found that Latimer used her cell phone to take photos of patient information forms and licenses while working at Axia Women’s Health in Montgomery County. She then used this information to open credit cards and spend more than $31,000 on purchases from Wayfair, an online furniture company, among other things.

Latimer is charged with 27 counts of Identity Theft, seven counts of Theft, four counts of Computer Theft and one count of Forgery.