Deeter Gallaher Group Wins Two 2020 PRSA Keystone Awards

Deeter Gallaher Group, a public relations, marketing, and digital media firm headquartered in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, has won two 2020 Keystone Awards from the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.

Deeter Gallaher Group received a Keystone Award in the Special Events and Observances category for the Mountz Jewelers Inspire 40 Anniversary Gifting Campaign and scored an average of 98 points out of a possible 100. Judges from the Tri-Cities Chapter of PRSA based in Tennessee and West Virginia were impressed by the “depth and breadth of the planning.” Other evaluation comments included “excellent research set this entry apart,” “excellent execution and supporting materials,” and “really, really great campaign. Dare I say inspiring. I’m so glad I got to review this entry.

The second Keystone Award recognition was in the Written Communications Piece–Opinion Editorial category with a Drug Free Workplace PA op-ed titled “Ditch the Stigma: How Health Care Professionals Can Treat Substance Use with Sensitivity.” Judges said the editorial was “thorough, comprehensive, and appropriate,” and “the strategy was implemented with clear tactics that worked.”

“Our team is blessed to work with incredible clients whose business stories are filled with courage, passion, and purpose. They embrace our bold ideas, trust us with their brand, and believe as we do that a well-regarded reputation is priceless,” says Anne Deeter Gallaher, Deeter Gallaher Group Owner & CEO. “We’re incredibly proud of both these projects and the impact they hold on people’s lives. It’s gratifying to receive such a positive response and high praise from our professional peers,” says Deeter Gallaher.

The Keystone Awards offer two levels of recognition. The highest honor is the Keystone Award presented to projects with outstanding achievements in public relations, while the Silver Keystone Award is presented to projects demonstrating excellent planning and outcomes. Entries were accepted for projects executed between September 1, 2019 and August 31, 2020. Volunteers from the Tri-Cities Chapter of PRSA judged the entries, considering the research, planning, execution, and results of each project in their scoring.