DEP Establishes a Customer Experience Management Advisory Council

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is establishing a Customer Experience Management Advisory Council to advise DEP’s Acting Secretary and Chief Customer Experience Officer on strategies and improvements to enhance service delivery to the public. CXMAC brings together a team of experts from private businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

The CXMAC will convene quarterly to regularly evaluate DEP’s customer service experience, make recommendations for improvements, and then evaluate their success. The goal is to ensure DEP’s services are accessible to Pennsylvanians and that DEP is quickly and effectively doing its job for the public – everything from permitting to plugging wells to investigating environmental complaints.

“CXMAC will play a key role in DEP’s modernization efforts and will help our agency deliver services more efficiently while still maintaining important environmental protections to better serve Pennsylvanians,” said DEP Acting Secretary Jessica Shirley. “The executive expertise and experience on CXMAC will guide DEP in improving the customer’s experience by applying private-sector management principles. The Commonwealth should be moving at the speed of business.”

“I am looking forward to working with the Council and with Acting Secretary Shirley to improve the customer experience at DEP,” said Chief Customer Experience Officer Rosetta Lue Carrington.