Department of Banking and Securities to Begin Accepting Claims Against Diamond Money Order Company

The Department of Banking and Securities is informing consumers who have purchased or are holding a money order from Diamond Money Order Company, LLC, or a “DMC Money Order,” that is not being honored, that the Department is now accepting claims against the company. The Department will work to recover funds for eligible consumers – more information on how to file a claim can be found below.

On February 1, the Department announced that it issued a cease-and-desist order against Diamond, a Pennsylvania-licensed money transmitter located in Levittown, and its owners Han-Young Huang and Michael Blicharski. The Department found that Diamond violated several provisions of the Money Transmitter Act and has been unable to fund any money orders since late January. Diamond and its owners were ordered to immediately cease all money transmitter activities and their transmitter license was revoked. 

Read the full Cease and Desist Order.

Claim information: The Department will work to recover funds for those who hold a money order issued by Diamond under Diamond’s money transmitter surety bond. (NOTE: In order to make a claim for the recovery of funds, claimants must have a copy of the money order that was returned by the bank/business or a copy of the uncashed money order.)  The holder of the claim may be the person who originally purchased it or may be the recipient of the money order that was used by the consumer as a payment. Claims can be filed by individuals, or by the companies that received money orders as payments from multiple individuals.

How to Make a Claim: The Department is urging those who hold a money order issued by Diamond to file a complaint with the department online. A complaint can also be filed by calling the Consumer Services Office at 1-800-PA-BANKS (1-800-722-2657). It is critical that claimants have a copy of the money order available and in hand prior to attempting to make a claim. Individuals who have already contacted the department and filed a complaint online do not need to submit another complaint. If additional information or documentation is needed, a representative from the Consumer Services Office will contact claimants through the contact information provided.