Drug Free Workplace PA announces launch of Recovery Friendly Workplace PA

Kathy Strain, Program Supervisor for Drug Free Workplace PA, announces the launch of Recovery Friendly Workplace PA, a new statewide initiative of Drug Free Workplace PA, for people in recovery seeking employment.

With a sobering unemployment rate of nearly 15% and a loss of over 20 million jobs in the U.S. since the coronavirus pandemic, the need for workforce training is at an all-time high, particularly among job-seekers who are already at a disadvantage. Individuals in recovery from Substance Use Disorder (SUD) are among those seeking workforce reentry.

“Our team at DFWPA has seen firsthand the challenges and struggles our loved ones and friends who are in recovery have faced when searching for a job. Recovery Friendly Workplace PA’s resources and trained employment specialists are a critical support system for both the employee and the employer to connect those transitioning from recovery to the workplace,” says Strain. 

Immediate free resources are available. Those in recovery who reside in Pennsylvania are directed to text WORKPA to 8444694690 to be connected with an employment specialist, available 24/7. “Our specialists are assisting with workforce placement, resumebuilding, transportation support, and skills assessments. We are a great first step for people in recovery finding a brighter, sustainable, healthier future,” says Strain.

Due to stigma in the workplace toward individuals affected by Substance Use Disorder, Recovery Friendly Workplace PA’s mission is to foster a supportive environment that encourages the assistance of development and services resulting in a successful workplace environment for employer and employee.