Electronic Results Now Available for Pennsylvanians Registering for FBI Criminal History Clearance  

The departments of Human Services (DHS) and General Services (DGS) and the Pennsylvania State Police announced that Pennsylvanians obtaining a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Criminal History Clearance, a necessary clearance to work and volunteer with children in Pennsylvania, will be able to receive their results electronically if cleared. Applicants who use IDEMIA, the commonwealth’s vendor for fingerprinting necessary to complete an FBI Criminal History Clearance, will be able to receive their results electronically via email if they are found to have no record, helping applicants get this clearance more efficiently.

“Child abuse clearances are a necessary step to helping employers, volunteer coordinators, and social service organizations protect children within their care, but as Pennsylvanians who want to work with children in critical roles complete this process, we must also be mindful of the impacts delays can have,” said DHS Acting Secretary Meg Snead. “Delivering positive FBI clearances electronically for those with no record allows us to help applicants get this important step covered more efficiently so they can get to work helping kids faster.”

Under Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services Law, certain professions and volunteers as well as prospective foster or adoptive parents are required to obtain clearances in order to work or volunteer with children. Three clearances are required under state law: Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance, Pennsylvania State Policy Criminal History Clearance, and the FBI Criminal History Clearance.

“The Department of General Services is always looking for ways to add value and efficiency to the services our customers receive,” said Cheryl Kleeman-Deimler, the DGS Commodity Supervisor responsible for the IDEMIA contract.  “This contract amendment was truly a collaboration between state government agencies and the General Assembly. We are pleased to have been able to negotiate this time-saving feature to our fingerprinting contract that aligns with our efforts to continuously improve our operations and services.”

“It is important to note we have not sacrificed effectiveness for efficiency,” said Major Mark Shaver, director of the Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Records and Identification. “As always, no one will be entrusted with children until they have been vetted completely to ensure they deserve that trust.”

Fingerprints are required to complete the FBI clearance and typically are delivered via mail. Now, when applicants apply to get fingerprinted through IDEMIA (also known as IdentoGo or MorphoTrust), they will be able to register a secure account to receive their clearance via email if no record is identified. When results are delivered via email, applicants should immediately download, save, and print – they will not be able to access the digital clearance multiple times and their account cannot be reset to prevent unauthorized release of clearance information. All applicants will still receive a copy of their clearances by mail, which usually arrives in 7-10 business days.

Questions regarding child abuse clearances should be directed to DHS’ Clearance Verification Unit at 1-877-371-5422. For more information on child abuse clearances in Pennsylvania, visit www.keepkidssafe.pa.gov.