Employee Salaries

logo_pa-300x289Use this link to explore the salaries of every state employee. Keep in mind that many employees are not paid with tax dollars but from revenue earned. This is the case with employees working for organizations such as PHEAA.

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All Commonwealth agencies are required to make compensation data available to the public regardless of the source of the income. This information includes the individual employee’s name and position, in addition to their salary.

In 2011, the General Assembly enacted Act 18, which provides “for the establishment of a searchable budget database-driven Internet website.” The resulting statute, known as the Pennsylvania Web Accountability and Transparency (PennWATCH) Act, gives Pennsylvania a single, searchable, public website for citizens of the Commonwealth to reference information about state government. Through this site, the average citizen can access annual appropriation (funding) and expenditure information (what agencies expended funds on), state revenue, employee information, and performance measures.

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