Equity First Calls for $400 Million in New Basic Ed Funding and $80 MILLION in New Special Ed Funding

(Equity First) Act 126 of 2014 established the Special Education Funding formula law (“SEF formula”) and Act 35 of 2016 established the Basic Education Funding formula law (“BEF formula”).  Just to keep pace with last year’s inflation of 2.1%, Basic Education funding needs to be increased by $125,896,659.  Likewise, Special Education funding needs to be increased, $21,763,578 to keep pace with 2.1% inflation.  However, the Governor’s proposed $100 Million for Basic Education is only a 1.64% increase, and $20 Million for Special Education is only a 1.93% increase, both below inflation.

Presently, only $107,525,000 in special education funding and $538,700,00 in basic education funding is distributed through the new SEF and BEF formula laws.  Currently, 138 school districts need $1.22 Billion just to bring them to baseline-funding under the BEF and SEF formula laws.

Equity First

Established in 2016 to advocate adoption and full-funding of the Basic Education Funding Commission Report, the goal of Equity First is to see Pennsylvania distribute 100% of Basic and Special Education funding through their adopted formulas law.  Because of the unwritten hold-harmless policy that disrupted fair distribution of Basic and Special Education funding, Equity First supports a $400 Million increase in Basic Education funding, an increase of 6.67%, and $80 Million increase in Special Education funding, a 7.7% increase, with funds distributed via the Senator Mensch 75/25 legislation.

Do this for eight (8) straight budget years, adjusting the $400/$80 for inflation, for the next eight (8) years, with funds distributed via Senator Mensch’s 75/25 legislation.

For more information contact Equity First at Shelly@SupportEquityFirst.org or visit, www.SupportEquityFirst.org