Estates and Planning Ahead with Guest Jo, the Estate Sale Company Ep. 54

It’s never too early to start planning ahead for your future, whether with retirement, investments, rental properties, saving for your future children, BUT also thinking ahead to what’s going to happen with our parents, their wishes, their money, and their belongings.

Having discussions now so that we know what they want to happen, and having a discussion about our own future so that our spouses and future children know what we want as well. We’ve ALL experienced or heard about fighting and battles with family over money when someone passes or maybe becomes disabled, and moves, when there’s not a plan in place or mutual interests.

Join Billy and Mel with special guest Jo, from The Estate Sale Company to talk about her experience when children come to her to sell their parents houses and all of their belongings (and the good, the bad, and the ugly – just like we #MillenniYell about other things – as these are important topics that we as Millennials need to know and what to avoid and prepare for.