FINAL DEADLINE: January 15 for Pennie’s Open Enrollment Period

Pennsylvania Insurance Department and Pennie officials joined leaders at the Health Annex in Philadelphia to remind Pennsylvanians that the final deadline for 2023 health coverage through Pennie, Pennsylvania’s official online health insurance marketplace, is January 15. This marks the final opportunity to access affordable monthly premiums on quality health coverage that begins February 1.

Amid rising costs of services, including healthcare services, Pennie helps keep costs down by providing qualified customers with savings on their monthly cost of coverage. Savings on coverage is available to most Pennie customers, nine out of 10 qualify and on average, receive over $500 a month in premium savings.

“If you need health insurance, or are paying too much for what you have, now is the time to check out Pennie to protect your health and your wallet. Go into 2023 with peace of mind, financial security, and access to critical healthcare services, including no-cost preventative care to catch things before they become problems,” said Pennie Executive Director Zachary Sherman. “With household budgets stretched thin, Pennie’s role in keeping the cost of health insurance low is of paramount importance.  Go to to check out your options and enroll by January 15.”

Pennsylvania families are saving more this Open Enrollment thanks to a change in federal policy for families who get coverage through their work. Those asked to pay more than 9.2% of their household income for their employer family plan can now go to Pennie to receive premium savings on their cost of coverage. Pennsylvanians previously impacted by this issue can come back to Pennie to apply or update their application to enroll and receive the savings their family deserve.

“During these final days of Open Enrollment for 2023 coverage, we want to encourage consumers to explore their available options on Pennie and shop around to find a plan, even if you already have insurance,” said Acting Insurance Commissioner Michael Humphreys. “The Insurance Department prioritizes a competitive, robust marketplace, because that means more choices and more affordable options for consumers. Health coverage has never been more affordable, or easier to access, than now, through Pennie, so consider researching and comparing plans to find coverage that best fits you and your family’s needs.”

Health insurance can be confusing, so finding help through Pennie is as simple as ABC:  Assisters, Brokers, and Customer Service Representatives are all Pennie-certified to provide answers and guidance for Pennsylvanians. Local help can be in-person, over the phone, or virtual and in one’s preferred language. All can be found on the connect page at

Pennie encourages anyone seeking coverage to go to by January 15 to enroll in one of the high-quality options available in their area. Pennsylvanians interested in shopping for and purchasing health coverage through Pennie can visit or call Pennie Customer service at 1-844-844-8040. Pennie Customer Service will be open from 8 a.m. until midnight on Sunday, January 15.