F&M Trust Donates $5,000 to Harrisburg’s Broad Street Market Reconstruction

F&M Trust has donated $5,000 to the Broad Street Market Corporation to fund a temporary structure that will house vendors while one of the market’s buildings is being reconstructed in Harrisburg. 

“F&M Trust knows how important the Broad Street Market is to the Harrisburg community. It supports local commerce, fosters a sense of community pride, and offers a space where diverse cultures converge,” F&M Trust President and CEO Tim Henry said. It also is a popular shopping destination for disabled members of the community. The bank is proud to offer its financial support to the rebuilding effort.”

An electrical fire in July destroyed the market’s brick building, a central part of the market that housed vendors and small businesses that provide fresh produce and artisanal products to Harrisburg residents. The market, at the intersection of Broad and 3rd streets downtown, was founded in 1860 and is the oldest continuously operated market house in the United States.

Fire insurance on the brick building provided $1.7 million toward restoration costs, but an additional $800,000 is required to complete the project. The reconstruction plan includes structural rebuilding, safety upgrades, and the addition of space for community events.

“F&M Trusts generous donation to the Broad Street Market represents a substantial contribution that holds the power to make a meaningful impact on this community-centric marketplace, said Tanis Monroy, Executive Director of the Broad Street Market Alliance. This donation not only provides immediate assistance but also serves as an investment in the long-term success of the market.”