From Central PA to the Superbowl- A Sweet Secret Revealed

By Flora Posteraro – The Superbowl victory wasn’t just sweet for the New England Patriots, Frederic Loraschi Chocolate also scored a big win at the game.  The unassuming chocolate shop on Hillcrest Street in Harrisburg provided 30,000 chocolates on game day. From athletes to country clubs to exclusive hotels, they’ve all ordered exquisite treats from Loraschi.

“Making good chocolate is not easy.  It’s like dealing with a very difficult girlfriend because you have to be on point every single time”, said Chocolatier Fred Loraschi.  Born in Toulouse, France, the 45-year-old learned the craft from French experts. The former Executive Pastry Chef at the Hotel Hershey first started making chocolate in the basement of his Hummelstown home.  He later opened Frederic Loraschi Chocolate on Hillcrest Street in 2015.

Loraschi has spent the last 30 years perfecting his culinary craft.  He calls his passion for making chocolate love at first sight. “When I saw what they were doing with sugar, with the chocolate, I literally fell in love and I knew that’s what I wanted to do”, said Loraschi

Loraschi and his team work day and night concocting these sugary works of art.  Each piece of candy-made by hand-the perfect shape, the perfect size, almost looking too good to eat.  “Chocolate does not forgive. If you take a short-cut with chocolate, he’ll make you pay for it. Every day the consistency of what you do has to be there”, said Loraschi.  

Loraschi now produces 7 tons of chocolates and a ton of macarons every year.  No small feat for a guy who came to America in 1999 not knowing a word of English but knowing his dream to be the best!   “I am very fussy, very fussy. I let the chocolate speak and if my product isn’t good, the customer won’t come back.

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