From Cow to Cone to Community At Manning Dairy in Scranton, PA

( When Scranton-area natives return home after moving away, grabbing a few scoops of fresh, “cow-to-cone” ice cream from Manning Farm Dairy is usually among their top priorities while in town.

For many teenagers throughout the region, spending the summer dipping ice cream at one of the Manning family’s ice cream shops is a rite of passage. The job is a badge of honor for the 100 or so high school and college students who make the cut each year and joke that dipping ice cream all summer has given them one strong arm.

And longtime fans know to leave extra time when getting their ice cream fix. On hot summer evenings or when church lets out on Sundays, the ice cream shop lines can stretch well out the door.

It’s the kind of icon status that, as the Mannings see it, results from decades of growing roots in the community and delivering on the promise of quality that worth going out of the way for.

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