Governor Makes Case for Statewide Broadband to Support Education

Governor Tom Wolf visited Dover Area High School to highlight the need for statewide broadband access to increase educational opportunities for Pennsylvania’s students.

“For Pennsylvania to succeed we must close the digital divide to ensure every citizen has the access it needs to connect to the ever-expanding digital world in which we live and work,” said Governor Wolf. “Our students, parents, and our teachers deserve better, and we can provide that through Restore Pennsylvania.”

To achieve these goals, Governor Wolf announced a bold infrastructure initiative, Restore Pennsylvania, funded by the monetization of a commonsense severance tax. Restore Pennsylvania will invest $4.5 billion over the next four years in significant, high-impact projects throughout the commonwealth to help catapult Pennsylvania ahead of every state in the country in terms of technology, development, and infrastructure.

Encompassing new and expanded programs to address five priority infrastructure areas including high-speed internet access, storm preparedness, and disaster recovery, downstream manufacturing, business development, and energy infrastructure, demolition, revitalization, and renewal, and transportation capital projects, Restore Pennsylvania projects will be driven by local input about local needs. Projects identified by local stakeholders will be evaluated through a competitive process to ensure that high priority, high impact projects are funded and needs across Pennsylvania are met.

In Dover, the governor outlined how Restore Pennsylvania will help school districts by expanding broadband access to all Pennsylvanians. Nearly a million Pennsylvanians today lack access to robust, reliable, high-speed internet.

“All of the technology that the Dover Area School District has generously invested in for the improved achievement, communication, and safety of our students is only as good as the ability for families to access this information at home,” said Superintendent Tracy Krum. “We applaud Governor Wolf and his foresight to understand that high-speed internet for all Pennsylvanians is truly a game changer for families across the state. And, definitely in Dover.”

Restore Pennsylvania will provide funding to completely bridge the digital divide in every community in Pennsylvania, making Pennsylvania a better place to work, do business, and live. Grants will be available to support the installation of infrastructure to bring high-speed internet to every corner of the commonwealth. Funding will support every phase of the process from feasibility testing to a connection.