Grief Support Group for Young Adults at Highmark Caring Place in Lemoyne

The Highmark Caring Place is providing a grief support group for young adults. This is for those grieving the death of a loved one and is aimed at young adults between the ages of 18 and 30.  Group meetings will be held on Tuesday’s during May and June at the Highmark Caring Place facility in Lemoyne, PA.

About the program

The program addresses a gap in services for this age group, who often find it difficult to access support after a death. Although it can look untroubled and carefree, young adulthood can often be a very stressful time, as teens transition to their 20s, and as 20-somethings work to get established. The extra weight of grief added to an already challenging stage of life can make things doubly difficult.

For those relatively early in their careers, or between jobs, or students in college away from their families who aren’t able to attend typical support programs with the family, this young adult support group can provide significant help, even if the death occurred some years earlier.

Help spread the word

If you are a young adult, or if you know someone in this age range who has experienced the death of someone they love, you are invited to learn more about this grief support group for young adults.