Hersheypark Announces All-New Seats and Restraints for Skyrush This Spring

Hersheypark amusement park announced today it is upgrading the Skyrush roller coaster flight experience to first class with all-new seats and restraints. Passengers will board Skyrush from a reimagined station platform featuring an all-new paint scheme, lighting effects and custom soundscape.

The investment in the high-thrill attraction will provide coaster lovers with added comfort while experiencing the adrenaline rush they know and crave.

The new Skyrush upgrades will be available for guests to experience when the largest amusement park in Pennsylvania opens for its 118th operating year in exactly one month on March 29. Weather permitting, Skyrush is open for Spring Weekends, summer and the Hersheypark Halloween seasonal event.

One of 15 coasters at Hersheypark, Skyrush climbs 200 feet into the air before flying downhill at 75 mph as it heads into four high-speed turns and five zero-G airtime hills for a thrilling ride experience.