How to Make Pear Bunnies with Kilene Knitter, Regional Nutritionist for the GIANT Company

Grab your mini chefs because today we’re making a fun Easter-themed food craft called pear bunnies! All you’ll need is a pear, some type of small candy like jelly beans, 1 slice of cheese and about a tsp of nut butter. First cut your pair in half so you have a head shape and remove those seeds. Next, with your cheese slice, cut out a pair of bunny ears (U shape) and 2 circles for the cheeks (O shape). Lastly use a tiny bit of nut butter on your jelly beans or whatever small candy you have and stick those on the pear for the eyes, nose and teeth. This Easter snack is a balanced option that also includes a fun size amount of some of our favorite sweets. Happy Easter!

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