Join PennDot’s Adopt and Beautify to Help Your Community and the Environment

​Throughout PennDOT’s District 10, comprised of Armstrong, Butler, Clarion, Indiana, and Jefferson Counties, numerous small locations need attention to make and keep them looking beautiful. PennDOT’s Adopt & Beautify program is looking for individuals or groups who care enough to landscape areas in need of a makeover by designing and installing flowerbeds, to weed and fertilize when needed, and to keep their adopted area looking nice overall. Joining Adopt and Beautify allows individuals to keep active, show creativity and contribute to the community and the larger environment.

How the Program Works
There are a few requirements that a potential volunteer must meet to participate:
  • Adopted areas must be on PennDOT maintained roadways or interchange areas.
  • Adopted areas must be adopted for a two-year period, which is automatically renewed.
  • Adopted areas must be maintained at least twice a year by the adoptee, and to include litter pick-up.
  • The adoptee must review PennDOT safety materials prior to site maintenance and must obey all safety procedures.
  •  Volunteers under 18 years of age must complete a Parent’s/Guardian’s Consent Form.
Spaces to Beautify
Adopted areas must be on PennDOT maintained roadways or interchange areas. This could include an interchange area, traffic islands, a gateway into your town or curbed traffic islands in roadway intersections.
PennDot Materials and Services
PennDOT supplies the following: gloves, safety vests, trash bags, “Litter Crew Ahead” signs (by request), and other equipment as required by the PennDOT coordinator.
Also, upon notification, PennDOT will pick up bagged litter from the roadside and post signs at your adopted area, in recognition of your efforts.

Benefits of the Program

Maintaining and beautifying a space in your community serves as a meaningful project for children, gardeners, retirees and anyone who strive to stay active. Also, according to the American Heart Association, “Spending time in nature can help relieve stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and boost feelings of happiness and wellbeing.”
Also, since interchange areas and traffic islands are also available for adoption, this is a wonderful way to welcome guests and travelers to the community.
Additionally, pollinator populations in Pennsylvania are experiencing several challenges, with beekeepers reporting 52% losses of their colonies in the winter of 2016-2017, and 51 species of butterflies (including the Monarch), 111 species of moths, and 3 species of bumblebees now considered to be at risk. Through the PennDOT Adopt and Beautify Program, volunteers can enhance PennDOT planting efforts and support pollinator conservation by adopting, planting and maintaining a PennDOT designated Pollinator Habitat site.