Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands!

#Coronavirus. Flu. Coughs. Colds. Stomach Bugs. Every year, seems like there’s an illness going around making us sick. How can you boost your immune system to keep these bugs at bay? The chicks are “chirping” with Turnpaugh Health and Wellness about tips to keep you and your family healthy #AvoidAlcohol #VitaminC #VitaminD #zinc #foodismedicine #podcast #letschirp #realtalk #womensvoices #covid19

UPDATE: Podcast recorded prior to new information on Coronavirus, Elderberry and those with immune compromised conditions. Chick Carrie Perry chirps she takes Elderberry. New information sheds light on Elderberry and Dr. Chris Turnpaugh shared a video via Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Facebook. He explains why Elderberry may not be the best thing for people with auto immune diseases like Lyme and Lupus and can cause more inflammation.

Video link below:
Clothes courtesy Three Little Birds
Podcast recorded before social distancing