L&I Fines Domino’s Franchise Owner $344,000 for 715 Child Labor Violations at Seven Restaurants 

Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry Secretary Nancy A. Walker today announced that L&I has fined the operator of seven Domino’s locations across Erie, Crawford, and Mercer counties a total of $344,000 for violating the Pennsylvania Child Labor Act. L&I investigators cited NWPA Pizza Inc. for 715 violations of the Pennsylvania Child Labor Act that began in 2021, including failure to provide more than 16 child employees with breaks as required by law.

“L&I is unwavering in its commitment to defending the rights of Pennsylvania’s workforce and ensuring the safety of our youngest workers from illegal employment practices,” said Secretary Walker.

Pennsylvania’s Child Labor Act, enforced by L&I’s Bureau of Labor Law Compliance (BLLC), protects the health, safety, and welfare of children employed in the Commonwealth by limiting employment in certain establishments and occupations, restricting the hours of work, regulating work conditions, and requiring work permits for children hired to fill certain positions so that minors are able to focus their time and attention on finishing their education. 

The Child Labor Act allows for a maximum fine of up to $5,000 per violation. All fines collected from child labor law investigations are deposited into Pennsylvania’s General Fund. 

Following an employee complaint filed with the department, BLLC opened an investigation into all the Domino’s locations in Pennsylvania operated by NWPA Pizza Inc. 

During the investigation, the following violations were identified:

  • 375 violations of failure to provide breaks  the business did not provide breaks on or before the 5th hour of work  involving 13 children.
  • 16 violations of not securing a work permit  the business employed a child who did not have appropriate work papers for children hired to fill a position  involving 16 children. 
  • 29 violations of failure to announce employment or employment change to a school district  the business failed to notify a child’s respective school within five days of being hired or failed to notify the respective school within five days of termination or resignation involving 16 children.
  • Three violations of no parent authorization  the business employed a child under the age of 16 without parental authorization  involving three children.
  • 154 violations of excessive hours worked  the business violated the number of hours a child can work a day or week  involving seven children.
  • 138 violations of employment before or after legal hours  the business scheduled a minor ages 14-15 outside legal working hours of 7 A.M.-7 P.M. during the school year involving seven children.

As part of the settlement agreement, NWPA Pizza Inc. management teams at all their Domino’s locations are required to undergo training provided by BLLC on how to adhere to the Pennsylvania Child Labor Act.