Midwest Food Bank Sending Bottled Water to Ohio Residents

Midwest Food Bank is sending bottled water to Ohio at the request of Disaster Relief partner The Salvation Army. A February 3, 2023, train derailment caused the release of hazardous substances threatening the water of private well owners.

A semi-load of bottled water left MFB Normal, IL, on Thursday, February 23. TSA will distribute the load. Midwest Food Bank stands ready and willing to support the need with more loads as requested. Independently, MFB Texas donated a load of water delivered to Ohio by a nonprofit partner agency and MFB Pennsylvania is working with a local church to facilitate the delivery of additional supplies. 

“We’re glad to be able to answer the need of our neighbors in Ohio,” says Kathy Anderson-Martin, Executive Director of Midwest Food Bank Pennsylvania.

For those who wish to help, financial donations give Midwest Food Bank the flexibility to quickly and efficiently respond to the needs of the victims. To help cover the cost of the supplies or fuel needed to transport them, visit midwestfoodbank.org, and click on “Donate.” On the donation form, select “Disaster Relief” for the designation. You may also text @MFB to 52014 to donate.