Mullery supports additional protections for corrections officers

State Rep. Gerald Mullery welcomes today’s announcement of additional safety measures being undertaken at the state’s prisons.

“These changes are vitally important to the well-being of the correctional officers who serve these facilities across Pennsylvania, including at SCI-Retreat. The hardworking men and women who patrol the toughest blocks in our commonwealth deserve these extra safety precautions and protocols because they deal with dangerous and potentially life-threatening conditions on a daily basis,” Mullery said.

“I stand in full support of any and all protections that the Department of Corrections can provide to the COs so their loved ones can worry less about whether they will come home safely every day.”

Mullery is acutely aware of the dangers of working in the prison system because two of his constituents – Kristopher Moules of Larksville and Eric Williams of Nanticoke — were killed in the line of duty while serving as correctional officers.

“These men, and others like them, served with distinction and kept us safe from those behind bars. We need to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that families of other officers will not have to face similar heartbreaking outcomes,” Mullery said.