Museum of the Bible, A Must See in DC

Most visitors going to Washington, DC usually make plans to take in some of the many museums on the National Mall like Air and Space or the Museum of American History.  The Museum of the Bible is a hidden gem that should not be missed.

Dedicated to the history, narrative, and impact of the Bible, the museum opened in November 2017 at 400 4th St. SW.  With more than 1,150 items as part of the permanent collection and 2,000 items on loan from other institutions and collections, you could easily spend the entire day here reading every storyline and taking in every exhibit.

The Museum of the Bible is one of the largest museums in Washington, D.C.  There are 6 floors and each floor focuses on a different aspect of the Bible.  From the holy scripture to Abraham and Jesus, there’s also an amphitheater, a cafe, a restaurant that serves kosher food and a rooftop viewing area overlooking the National Mall and U.S. Capitol.

The museum uses modern technology to tell the history of Earth beginning with creation.  As you move from floor to floor, you will learn about the Book of Books, different religions and the impact of the Bible on everything from fashion to science, architecture to education, even the bible’s link to the Liberty Bell.

The museum is beautiful and inviting and draws you in to experience the word of God.  Simply put.  The museum is well done.  It is immersive.  It is interactive and during these trying times, it may be just what is needed to renew our faith and trust in God.

The museum also features symposiums like Exploring the Mystery of the Shroud of Turin and different holidays are highlighted throughout the year.  For more information, hours and tickets, click this link.