Overcounting COVID-19 Deaths

By Tom McCarey – Last Friday April 24, 2020, on the front page of the B (Regional) section, the Philadelphia Inquirer had an article titled “Case Reporting Questioned” about the questionable things going on in the counting CV deaths. The article confirmed what we have been saying about the counting of COVID deaths (and cases) at http://www.healthalertphilly.org/COVIDissues.htm

The Philadelphia Inquirer article “Case Reporting Questioned” was about the strange doings with how the state of Pennsylvania is counting COVID deaths. Apparently, the death counts had some sudden large jumps when the state changed how it counts Coronavirus deaths. The previous Sunday deaths suddenly increased by 276 overnight, and then again there was another large increase of 360 several days later. In both cases, according to Health Secretary Levine, the added deaths were not recent, but occurred days and weeks previously. One of the reasons for changes, was the addition of “presumed” COVID death cases, but another reason cited was reconciling different sources of data.

Moreover, some county Coroners have been surprised when the state’s count of COVID deaths is higher than theirs.

All of this creates the suspicion of manipulation of data, to inflate counts. Moreover, when certain areas such as Philadelphia, decide that re-opening will be later rather than earlier, it appears that the decision could be based on suspect and biased data. Even without regular revisions to the methods for counting deaths, there are a number of reasons to question both case counts and deaths counts including:

The CDC deliberately inflates deaths due to COVID-19 by instructing doctors and health officials to count any death, however remotely   connected to COVID-19, as a COVID-19 death – https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvss/coronavirus/Alert-1-Guidance-for-Certifying-COVID-19-Deaths.pdf

The CDC routinely and wildly exaggerates flu deaths every year. In the year 2017-18, the CDC claimed 80,000 deaths due to the flu, but only 1,000 were certified, according the Children’s Health Defense. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/vaccine-safety/the-cdc-influenza-math-doesnt-add-up-exaggerating-death-toll-to-sell-flu-shots

CDC Tells Hospitals To List COVID as Cause of Death Even if There are No Test Results Confirming it – https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/cdc-tells-hospitals-to-list-covid-as-cause-of-death-even-if-there-are-no-test-results-confirming-it/

The testing is unreliable. It is being used to prove or disprove that the virus is spreading, and also as an entrance requirement to get back to work and re-enter other parts of civic life. The problem is that the testing for infection or anti-bodies is unreliable as the virus has not been isolated, purified, or defined, and will show excessive “false positives”, according to David Crowe, infectious disease specialist and author of The Infectious Myth. In addition to the problem with false positives, the virus is mutating, as all viruses do, which makes developing a test or vaccine, already loaded with toxins and contaminants, difficult if not impossible.