PA Auditor General Launches Initiative to Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Auditor General Timothy L. DeFoor announced his Department has initiated its first ever Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative designed to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce.  

“As the first elected African American Row Officer in Pennsylvania history, I feel an obligation to continue to open doors and lift up others, similar to what others have done for me,” DeFoor said. “As Pennsylvania Auditor General, I am fully committed to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce where everyone can bring their true selves to the workplace without fear of retaliation or exclusion. We can only grow by lifting others, and I look forward to seeing how we can develop more authentic connections through these efforts.” 

The goal of the four-year plan is to foster and create a workforce that is talented, diverse and committed to a culture of inclusion and belonging. The priorities include: creating a culture of belonging; examining and updating our processes for recruiting and retention of employees, including those of historically marginalized groups; pursuing ongoing learning and training of our employees to hone the knowledge and skill sets to build a community workplace where all are treated with respect and dignity; and community engagement.