PA Families to Boost Awareness of K-12 Options During School Choice Week Jan 22-28

Schools, organizations, and individuals are planning 870 celebrations of educational opportunity this month as traditional public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, online learning options, private schools, and home educators highlight their unique choices.

During the last two years, families and educators in Pennsylvania have faced the academic consequences of the pandemic. A survey this month by the National School Choice Awareness Foundation showed that 53.7 percent of parents have recently explored or are currently considering new options for their child’s education. During School Choice Week 2023, parents can learn about school choice and attend local events as they consider their K-12 options for the next school year.

The Nation’s Report Card (NAEP) released in 2022 underlined the need to invest in quality education options. Pennsylvania students experienced greater learning losses than the national average.

The Week will bring helpful and handy information that parents need in order to support their kids. The Week is the best time of the year for families to consider their education options for the next school year.

Across the country, parents can choose between traditional public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, online learning, private schools, homeschooling, and newer options like learning pods or microschooling.

But education policies vary from state to state. In Pennsylvania, the state allows each district to set its own open enrollment policies for parents wanting to choose a traditional public school. The state has many public charter and public magnet schools, as well as full-time online public schools. Pennsylvania families in low-achieving school zones or who fall below a certain income level may be eligible for state-run scholarship programs.

Across the state, events that are positive, supportive of a wide variety of school options, and family-friendly are planned, from in-school activities to large celebrations. Among the notable celebrations in Pennsylvania will be a capitol press conference in Harrisburg on January 23 and a school fair in Pittsburgh on January 28.

“Supporting school choice and generating awareness about education options is particularly important this month,” said Shelby Doyle, vice president of public awareness at the National School Choice Awareness Foundation. “This is a key time of year for parents to begin the school search process for the fall, and the information and activities available this week will help kickstart that journey.”