PA Installs Identity Verification Kiosks at PA CareerLink, UPS Locations to Apply for Unemployment Compensation

Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry Secretary Nancy A. Walker announced a new initiative to make the process of applying for Unemployment Compensation benefits even more accessible to Pennsylvanians.

Pennsylvania’s system for filing UC claims uses numerous fraud-detection measures, including virtual identity verification vendor to verify the identities of all new UC applicants. With grant funding from the U.S. Department of Labor, L&I has installed kiosks at 17 PA CareerLink® locations and 29 UPS locations throughout the Commonwealth to help Pennsylvanians navigate the process. By July, kiosks will be available in all PA CareerLink® locations.

“These kiosks are a lifeline for folks who don’t have internet access or who need a little extra help navigating online systems,” Secretary Walker said. “This is another way the Department is making identity verification accessible for underserved populations — or for someone who simply wants in-person assistance.”

The new kiosks are designed to enhance and improve the accessibility of the identity verification process, which claimants can still complete from their home computer or mobile phone should they choose to do so. For most claimants, the self-service identity verification options take fewer than 10 minutes to complete.

The kiosks are free to use and require no appointment. The kiosks allow claimants to bring physical documents to the location and skip the step of scanning a photo. For individuals who share a phone with others, the kiosks make the process of verification much easier. 

All locations with kiosks have trained personnel on site who know how to help a claimant navigate the verification process.