PA Offers More Grant Funding to Improve Digital Literacy

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry announced the availability of approximately $900,000 in grant funding to support digital literacy and job training programs in Pennsylvania communities lacking access to broadband infrastructure and high-speed internet.

This fourth round of Digital Literacy and Workforce Development Grant (DLWDG) funding will provide opportunities for Pennsylvanians to enhance the digital literacy skills needed to obtain quality, family-sustaining employment – a key priority of Governor Josh Shapiro’s budget proposal.

“As job requirements continue to evolve, the need for digital literacy has increased. It is our duty to ensure Pennsylvania workers are well-equipped with the skills needed to be successful in the modern labor market,” said Acting L&I Secretary Nancy Walker. “This grant program not only helps address critical barriers to employment but empowers workers to maintain family-sustaining jobs.”

This grant program, federally funded through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), is designed to help implement programs and strategies that meet the needs of employers and workers across Pennsylvania, increasing learning opportunities within communities lacking adequate broadband infrastructure and high-speed internet.

Specifically, DLWDG programs help improve career development skills needed to effectively navigate platforms used in the job search process and the workplace, including digital fundamentals, digital citizenship, and understanding digital information.

Eligible applicants include programs previously awarded DLWDG Round 2 grants. Round 4 applicants can be awarded up to $45,000 through July 2024. The deadline to apply is June 9, 2023.