PennDOT Announces Highway Safety Survey

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is seeking public input on traffic safety and driving behaviors through its online survey found at

“In 2021, 1,230 people died on Pennsylvania roadways. Many of these deaths could have been prevented simply by buckling up, slowing down, paying attention, and driving sober,” said PennDOT Acting Secretary Mike Carroll. “The results from this survey help us better understand the public’s attitude on highway safety, and potentially allow us to adjust our efforts to reduce crashes and fatalities.”

The survey is available on PennDOT’s website through February 28 and should take about five minutes to complete. All responses are completely anonymous.

PennDOT partners with educational and enforcement grantees to deliver programming each year to help prevent crashes, fatalities, and injuries on our roadways. This survey seeks information on motorists’ behavior behind the wheel to help inform program planning. This voluntary survey covers several topics including seat belt use, impaired driving, speeding, distracted driving, as well as bicycle, pedestrian, and motorcycle safety.

The survey was first implemented in 2010 as a requirement for federal funding. Though no longer required, the survey helps PennDOT better understand participants’ attitudes on highway safety and potentially allows us to adjust safety activities as we work to reduce crashes and fatalities.