Pennsylvania Among First States Approved for State and Local Cybersecurity Grant

Pennsylvania is among the first states approved for funding under a new federal grant program to bolster cybersecurity for state and local governments.

Pennsylvania is eligible for up to $5.2 million in the first year of the State and Local Government Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLGCP). This funding will be used to continue and expand the cybersecurity services available to local governments through partnerships with the Office of Administration. These services, which are currently funded through an expiring election security grant, include security awareness training, anti-phishing exercise capabilities, vulnerability testing, and network intrusion monitoring. Local governments will be able to apply for funding through a competitive grant program administered by the Commonwealth in the second through fourth years of the SLGCP.

“The collaborative relationships that the Office of Administration has built with local governments have put Pennsylvania in prime position to seize this opportunity to invest in strengthening cybersecurity at all levels of government in the Commonwealth,” said Neil Weaver, Secretary of the Office of Administration, which oversees cybersecurity for state agencies under the Governor’s jurisdiction. “I want to thank the members of the planning committee for their work to help us develop the statewide cybersecurity plan and identify strategic projects to maximize the impact of this funding.”

“With limited budgets, it is essential that all levels of government in Pennsylvania work together to address ever-growing cyber threats. Counties and the Commonwealth have collaborated for years to establish programs and services to advance cybersecurity and this funding builds on that long-standing partnership,” said Michael Sage, Chief Operations and Information Officer at CCAP. “Continued collaboration is vital and longer-term cybersecurity funding is needed, but this is a great opportunity to enhance the cybersecurity posture of the Commonwealth and protect critical services and programs. We appreciate the partnership with the Office of Administration and other local government organizations to enable the Commonwealth to receive this important funding, and we’re excited for our continued journey together.”

In accordance with the grant requirements, the Commonwealth established a Cybersecurity Planning Committee to develop a comprehensive strategic plan and identify projects that will leverage SLGCP funds. The committee’s membership includes the Governor’s Office of Administration, Governor’s Office of Homeland Security, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, Pennsylvania State Police, Department of State, and other state agencies, as well as the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors, Pennsylvania State Association of Township Commissioners, Pennsylvania State Boroughs Association, Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units, Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit, and the Pennsylvania Municipal League.