Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority Submits Bulk Challenge to FCC’s National Broadband Map

Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority (Authority) Executive Director Brandon Carson announced today that approximately 35,000 locations have been submitted as part of a bulk challenge to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) National Broadband Map. This action will prompt the FCC to work directly with internet service providers to verify the information submitted.

“Submitting these challenges to the FCC is the next step in the federal funding allocation process,” said Carson. “In addition to the Authority’s efforts to prepare a bulk challenge, we have also been urging all Pennsylvanians to review their information on the map. Submitting these inaccuracies will help ensure Pennsylvania receives adequate federal funding for high-speed internet access to unserved and underserved areas of the commonwealth.”

The FCC’s National Broadband Map displays broadband serviceable locations across the United States where fixed internet service is or can be installed. The commonwealth’s allocation of funding for broadband deployment under the federal infrastructure law is dependent upon the map being accurate. The 35,000 locations submitted as part of the bulk challenge will be reviewed by the FCC and internet service providers and the map will be updated accordingly.

Updates to the National Broadband Map will be a continual process, but this bulk challenge submission is the best opportunity for Pennsylvania’s data to be considered as part of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s state broadband funding allocations, anticipated in summer 2023.

The Authority plans to continue to partner with internet service providers and local communities to verify and update information to ensure that the FCC’s map has the most up-to-date information for Pennsylvania. The data will help to inform investments in broadband infrastructure across the commonwealth.