Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School Polytechnic Academy Honors Students, Faculty and Community Partners with Second Annual Poly Awards Ceremonies

Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School’s (PA Cyber) Polytechnic Academy recognized 13 recipients for its Poly Awards during two individual award ceremonies in Warrendale, PA, and Harrisburg, PA.

The Poly Awards celebrate students who have demonstrated excellent participation as well as staff, universities, and education partners who have grown the school’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programming in the past year. The Award also serves as a symbol of the recipient’s impact and a reminder of the importance of continued innovation and progress. Each recipient was nominated for the award and a committee voted to select the final winners.

“We’re thrilled to once again recognize our students, faculty and community partners who have contributed to enhancing our STEM programming,” said Supervisor of STEM Education Tom Brambley. “It’s an exciting field that’s always evolving; we want to acknowledge their passion and encourage continued momentum among our recipients.”


Jill Yeakel, Harrisburg University
Partner of the Year, Higher Education

Da Vinci Science Center
Partner of the Year, Program Provider

Howard Hiester
Advocate of the Year, Regional Representative

Amber Klunk
Support Personnel of the Year

Family Link Team
Advocate of the Year, Family Link

Of note from the list of recipients in the Harrisburg region is Jill Yeakel, a forensic science
lecturer at Harrisburg University (HU). PA Cyber recognized her with a Poly Award for her
commitment to collaborating with the K-12 school to provide high-quality polytechnic
opportunities for students.

“This award confirms for the broader public what we at HU know to be true: Jill Yeakel is a
terrific leader wherever she serves. Her work with PA Cyber has a tremendous and positive
impact on the local and regional educational community. Professor Yeakel’s mentorship in and out of the classroom is tireless and reflects her deep commitment to creating accessible STEM futures for communities across the Commonwealth. We remain grateful to PA Cyber for this esteemed recognition of partnership and to Jill for her work growing the next generation of learners and leaders,” said HU Provost Cameron J. McCoy, Ph.D.


Ethan Zimmer
Elementary School Student of the Year

Abrar Shafi Mohammed
Middle School Student of the Year

Cheyenne Brewer
High School Student of the Year

Steve Luciano, Carnegie Science Center
Partner of the Year, Training & Support

Little Medical School
Partner of the Year, Program Provider

Laura St. Onge
Club Advisor of the Year

Ben Babington
Workshop Advisor of the Year

Shannon Sanders
Volunteer of the Year