Pennsylvania to Invest $13 Million in Traffic Safety Improvements

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation announced that it will distribute approximately $13 million in Automated Red Light Enforcement funding to 35 municipalities statewide to fund 39 safety projects. This investment, which supports the Shapiro Administration’s commitment to safer, more connected communities, brings the total dollars awarded through the ARLE funding program to $141.15 million, funding 576 transportation enhancement projects since 2010.

“This program helps communities across the state make important investments in traffic flow and safety,” said PennDOT Secretary Mike Carroll. “These improvements complement the many road, bridge, and multimodal projects happening in Pennsylvania, and are in line with the Shapiro Administration’s commitment to invest in Pennsylvania’s infrastructure and help keep communities connected safely to opportunity and each other.”

Pennsylvania’s ARLE program aims to improve safety at signalized intersections by providing automated enforcement at locations where data shows red-light running has been an issue. Grant funding is supplied by fines from red light violations at 34 intersections in Philadelphia. State law specifies that projects improving safety, enhancing mobility and reducing congestion can be considered for funding. Municipalities submitted 97 applications, totaling $54 million in requests. Projects were selected by an eight-member committee based on criteria such as safety benefits and effectiveness, cost, and local and regional impact.

The 39 approved projects, by county, are as follows:

Allegheny County

  • Bethel Park Borough – $1,000,370 for transportation improvements to improve congestion and safety at the Hamilton Road/Baptist Road intersection.
  • Edgewood Borough – $292,000 for traffic signal improvements on the Braddock Avenue corridor including flashing yellow arrows, new vehicular signal heads with backplates and reflective tape, updating the existing controllers, and adding battery backup.
  • City of Pittsburgh – $453,657.21 for complete replacement of the traffic signal located at the intersection of the Boulevard of the Allies and Ward Street.
  • City of Pittsburgh – $545,267.58 for complete replacement of the traffic signal located at the intersection of Brownsville Road and Becks Run Road/Biscayne Drive.

Berks County

  • Wernersville Borough – $3,551.18 for a speed feedback display unit to be installed for borough vehicles.

Bucks County

  • Bensalem Township – $79,649.50 to upgrade pedestrian equipment at two signalized intersections on Knights Road.
  • Middletown Township – $229,008.45 for pedestrian equipment upgrades on the New Falls Road and Woodbourne Road corridors.
  • Newtown Township – $326,931 for pedestrian upgrades at two unsignalized intersections to include overhead and post-mounted Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons, federally-compliant signage, pedestrian push buttons and high-visibility crosswalks.

Centre County

  • College Township – $146,320 for traffic signal upgrades on the Route 26 corridor including advanced radar units, new signal heads with reflective back plates, louver systems and review split phasing or new pavement marking alignment/arrangement at Route 26 and U.S. 322 Ramps.
  • Harris Township – $298,349 to designate, design and install a bike/pedestrian crossing point on Boal Avenue at the Pennsylvania Military Museum entrance/Old Boalsburg Road intersection.

Chester County

  • East Pikeland Township – $367,162 to install a traffic signal at the intersection of Ridge Road and Hares Hill Road.
  • London Britain Township – $32,219 for the installation of flashing warning devices on northbound and southbound Route 896 in the vicinity of Strickersville Road and South Bank Road.
  • North Coventry Township – $287,100 for traffic signal upgrades along the Route 100 and Route 724 corridors including installation of stop bar and dilemma zone detection, LED signal indication upgrades, and installation new backplates with reflective strips and installation of ADA compliant pedestrian pushbuttons with LED latching.
  • West Fallowfield Township – $95,000 for installation of left turn phases for the Route 41 approaches to Route 10 and related traffic signal upgrades.

Erie County

  • City of Erie – $55,000 for replacing and upgrading 201 city-owned street lights along the Bayfront Connector with new LED light fixtures.

Fayette County

  • Dunbar Township – $360,500 for installation of radar detectors with dilemma zone protection, battery backup systems, emergency vehicle preemption and new GPS time clocks and updated traffic signal timings at five intersections along U.S. 119.

Lackawanna County

  • Dickson City Borough – $315,000 for the installation of traffic signaling with emergency preemption capabilities for emergency vehicles; widening of the route and adjustment of the curb for a safe turning lane, concrete pedestrian walks, pedestrian ramps meeting ADA standards, and cross walks to facilitate safety between transportation modes at this intersection. 

Lancaster County

  • City of Lancaster – $700,000 for traffic calming and pedestrian/bicyclist safety improvements on the South Duke Street Corridor, such as curb bump outs, reducing curb radii, installing new pedestrian crossings, installing a new sidepath to separate bikes from motor vehicle traffic, installing a new bus shelter, upgrading sidewalks, providing pedestrian-level street lighting, and adding back-in angle parking.

Lehigh County

  • Macungie Borough – $223,858 to install a pedestrian activated crosswalk system.
  • South Whitehall Township – $554,855.31 to modernize the intersection of Hamilton Boulevard (Route 222) and Lincoln Avenue to improve pedestrian and vehicle safety.

Mercer County

  • Sharon City – $380,000 for removal of the traffic signal at Route 62 and Spencer Avenue and extending the median to restrict turns at the intersection, while creating turn arounds for local traffic.

Montgomery County

  • East Norriton Township – $539,606.93 for a new traffic signal installation at Township Line Road and Hannah Avenue/Townline Drive.
  • Lower Moreland Township – $320,100 to upgrade the traffic signals at the intersections of Welsh Road and Valley Road and Welsh Road and Lieberman Drive.
  • Lower Salford Township – $86,200 to upgrade pavement markings on various roadways to provide for bike lanes, where appropriate, the installation of on-road

bike lane legends and associated signage.

  • Salford Township – $346,723 to modernize the signal equipment at Ridge Road (Route 563) and Allentown Road (Route 1001).
  • Upper Hanover Township – $205,300 to install overhead Red Signal Ahead Warning Assemblies and retroreflective backplates at the intersection of Layfield Road (Route 663) and Knight Rd/Kutztown Rd (Route 1033).
  • Whitemarsh Township – $26,347 to install protected left-turn phasing along all four approaches at Joshua Road (Route 3014) and Stenton Avenue (Route 3003) and along the westbound approach at Joshua Road(Route 3014) and Flourtown Road (Route 3007).

Northumberland County

  • City of Sunbury – $106,759 to reconfigure the intersection at Susquehanna Avenue and Route 405.

Philadelphia County

  • Philadelphia City – $4,000,000 to support Citywide Intersection Modifications, ITS-Fiber Network, 10th Street Bike Network Curb Separation and Speed Limit Signing.

Pike County

  • Milford Borough – $14,202.08 to install bidirectional crosswalk warning lights at two marked pedestrian crosswalks at two entrances to the Borough where there are no traffic lights.

Wayne County

  • Texas Township – $53,500 to provide two designated crosswalks at the intersection of Route 6 and Route 2006.

Westmoreland County

  • Hempfield Township – $146,000 for a School Bus Crossing Warning Flasher for the Maxwell Elementary School, an emergency vehicle flasher for the North Hempfield Fire Company and a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon along Forbes Trail Road.
  • Irwin Borough – $101,000 to install new street name signs throughout the Borough to meet current design standards for retroreflectivity and character size.
  • Salem Township – $224,710 for LED lighting at the Route 22 single-point diamond interchange overpass and traffic signal upgrades including radar detection with dilemma zone protection, battery backup systems, new LED vehicular and pedestrian signals, an actuated RED signal ahead sign along Route 66 at Sheffield Drive and emergency vehicle detection.
  • Westmoreland County – $385,700 for various traffic signal improvements to four traffic signals along U.S. 30, U.S. 119, and Route 981. These improvements include new radar detection (with dilemma zone protection), pedestrian count down signal heads, LED vehicular signal heads with reflectorized borders, battery backup systems and latching pedestrian push buttons.
  • Youngwood Borough – $65,800 to purchase and install new street name signs throughout the Borough to meet current design standards for retroreflectivity and character size.