Pennsylvania Turnpike to Implement Open Road Tolling in 2024

The 82-year-old Pennsylvania Turnpike is getting its next upgrade and stepping into the future in its cashless journey, by implementing open road tolling.  Starting in late 2024, toll booth plazas will be a thing of the past.

“We are meeting the preferences of our customers,” said Carl DeFebo, spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Turnpike. “We’re meeting them where they want to be met.”

Open road tolling will eliminate toll plazas completely. Instead, drivers will be tolled as they pass through overhead structures called gantries.  Currently, 86 percent of Turnpike travelers use E-ZPass, a number which officials say shows the desire for all-electronic tolling.

“It’s convenient, it’s non-stop, it’s cashless, it’s seamless,” said DeFebo.

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